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Learn What Businesses Desire From Sponsorships & How To Give It To Them.



sponsorship system by #AthleteBS

Imagine Knowing That All Those Hours, Days, & Years Of Training Will Never Be Enough

You'll Eventually Grow Tired Of Spending Every Penny You Have, In A Game That Is Rigged Against You

Learn How To FIND, WIN & KEEP The Sponsorships You NEED

Because They Can Help You To Build A Financially Viable & Sustainable Career Which Means You Are More Likely To Achieve Your Goals (And Dreams) In Your Sport

This Is More Than Just A Course

It's Sponsorship Superfood

  • NEW - 3-Step Sponsorship System

    Every Step Is Laid Out In This Easy 3-Step System. Your Coaches Si & Dan Will Be Your Guides And Teach You What You Need In Videos, Downloads & MISSIONS

  • Learn Your Way
    Learn On Your Laptop, Tablet or Phone, Our Powerful Online Learning Platform Can Be Accessed Via An App or On Your Browser
  • You're Not Alone

    One Thing You Have In Common, Is That You Are All Lone Honey Badgers Piecing Together A Problem That Requires The Strength Of A Family. #AthleteBS Is Our War Cry, We Learn Together, We Support Each Other, And We Succeed Together.

What You'll Learn

Welcomes & Introduction To The Course

You'll Meet Si & Dan Your Hosts For The Course. They'll Give You The Lowdown On The Course & Generally Get You Pumped To Get Started!

Your Warm-Up

All Great Performances Start With A Good Warm-Up. This Module Is All About Getting You Focused On What Is Important. Sponsorships Are Key To Financially Viable And Sustainable Careers. But They Aren't The End, They Are Just The Beginning. We'll Help You Get Focused On What You Really Want From Your Sport & Help You Set Goals To Achieve It.

Module 1: FIND 'EM

You're fired up. Excited to get going. FIND 'EM is about identifying the things you need most that will help move you closer to your Primary Aim. Athletes are typically aware of the brands in their niche that seem to sponsor everyone except them. But as you will learn, these are probably the last sponsors you should be thinking about. Discover why this is and what sponsors you should be looking for inside.

Module 2: WIN 'EM

You have collected a ton of data. You know your target sponsor better than you know yourself. Module 2 - WIN 'EM will get you to understand the value you have to offer a business, how to package it (using our Sponsorship System: Pitch Deck template), and then the best way to approach them and negotiate your sponsorship deal.

Module 3: KEEP 'EM

Keeping sponsors happy requires as much, if not more work. The module is about Maintenance and Growth. Maintaining what you got and growing what you got!

Maintaining is about consistency and discipline. Your role and responsibilities are clear, just keep creating value for them. But what will it take to increase the level of support you receive?

Meet Your Coaches

Si Hunter Nicholson

Si represented GB for SBX and coached the GB Paralympic snowboard team. He struggled to find sponsors and so did his athletes.

Also a former Army Engineering Officer with two degrees. His career has provided him with a unique insight into the challenges that face today's athletes, parents and coaches.

Dan Egan

Dan Egan is a world-renowned skier and pioneer of extreme sports.

He has appeared in thirteen Warren Miller ski films and is known for skiing the most remote regions of the world with his brother John Egan.

As a successful entrepreneur and author of the critically acclaimed book, 30 Years In A White Haze, Dan has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you!

This Is What You Get

The Full Monty, Everything You'll Need To Succeed

Amazing Offer - Part #1

sponsorship system by #AthleteBS

3-Step Sponsorship System (Value £197)

The problem athletes, parents and coaches all face is similar. Nobody has taught you how sponsorships work, how they really work!

What do businesses want? What can you give them in return? Why is talent no guarantee of success in sport?

For the first time, a course has been written to help you understand, and take action.

Our 3-Part Sponsorship System course, FIND, WIN, KEEP 'EM, will give you videos, downloads and missions. So you can learn about sponsorships and how to convince any business to support you.

Amazing Offer - Part #2

#AthleteBS: Sponsorship System Research Template

Sponsorship System: Research Template (Value £47)

If you want to maximise your chance of winning a sponsor's support, you must learn about them first.

The Sponsorship System: Research Template is a tool to organise your information and plan your pitch deck content.

Fully editable in Google Sheets, it will save you a lot of time!

Amazing Offer - Part #3

#AthleteBS: Sponsorship System Research Template

Sponsorship System: Pitch Deck Template (Value £97)

Brands want you to answer five very specific questions. A pitch deck is one of the best tools to send sponsors to explain who you are, what you do and what you can offer a brand in exchange for their support.

Our Sponsorship System Pitch Deck is fully editable on Google Slides and allows you to add your own images and information. Get your sponsorship application to the top of the pile!

Amazing Offer - Part #4

#AthleteBS: Sponsorship System Research Template

Sponsorship System: Email Template (Value £47)

Brands are drowning in "Sponsor Me" emails. They reply to very few.

Our email template will help get your sponsorship pitch noticed by the right people.

Stand out from the crowd with our strategically crafted and fully editable template.

AND...On This Page Only...You're Going To Get Some Exclusive Bonuses You Won't Get Any Other Time!

Super Cool BONUS #1

#AthleteBS: Sponsorship System Research Template

Private Facebook Community (£97)

Facebook might not be your social media platform of choice, but the #AthleteBS community is here to support you.

You will find athletes, parents and coaches here to help! We are stronger together. Share your content, ask your questions, and add value.

Super Cool BONUS #2

#AthleteBS: Sponsorship System Research Template

Monthly Webinar With Guest Speakers (Value £97)

Pro Sponsored Athletes, Elite Sports Coaches, Brand Marketing Directors, Agents & PR Specialists.

Experts In The Field Of Athlete Sponsorships & Career Building All Want To Share Their Wealth Of Knowledge With You To Help You Save Time, Save Money & Achieve Success.

Super Cool BONUS #3

#AthleteBS: Sponsorship System Research Template

Learn & Earn: Affiliate Programme (Value £379)

Get A Unique Affiliate Link. Share On Your Social Media Channels. Get PAID 10% Commission For Every Person Who Uses Your Link & Signs Up To The Course. (*T&Cs Apply)





30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If You Are Not 100% Satisfied, We'll Refund Your Money. No "my dog ate my homework" excuse is necessary. Just email us within 30 days of registration!


Let's be blunt: If you pass on this offer, a week from today will you have the answer you need?

Here's A Recap Of


When You Purchase This Offer

You'll Get All This...

  • Lifetime Course Access (£245)
  • Sponsorship System: Research Template (£47)
  • Sponsorship System: Pitch Deck Template (£97)
  • Sponsorship System: Sponsor Email Template (£47)
  • Super Cool BONUS #1 Monthly Webinar With Guest Speakers (£97)
  • Super Cool BONUS #2 Private Facebook Community (£97)
  • Super Cool BONUS #3 Learn & Earn Affiliate Programme (£397)



What Our Happy Students Have To Say

Having the knowledge from Si's course to hand would have made our journey so much simpler.


Army Major Jen Kehoe

Gold Medal Paralympic Alpine Ski Guide

I have worked with some of the biggest brands like Sony and Maserati for my World Records. Si has created a unique guide that should be mandatory reading for anyone pursuing a career in sport, any sport! If only I had this course when I was starting out, it would have saved me a LOT of time, energy AND money!


Jamie Barrow

Worlds Fastest Snowboarder

This course dismantles the perception of sponsorship as just a way of “getting free stuff for my sport” and reconstructs it into the very foundations on which to build a long-term, self-sustaining career as an athlete in the sport you love.

A. Fierman


Got questions?

What if I've never been sponsored?

The most common question from most athletes (after, how do I get sponsored?) is 'Am I good enough to get sponsored?' This holds most athletes back from taking the leap.

The course and support we give you will give you all the tools you'll require and give you the confidence to approach any business. Whether it is your first sponsor, or your fifth, you will discover huge amounts of value inside.

How long is the course?

This is down to the individual and how willing you are to work for what you want. The course is divided into chunks with each building on the one before.

Expect to spend at least 30mins each day to maintain momentum. Set yourself a big goal to reach the end and gain the coveted certificate of completion. This certificate alone will help you when approaching new sponsors!

When is the course available?

The course is currently being Beta tested with a select group of athletes, parents and coaches. This is so that we can find the areas people are struggling with and develop the content accordingly.

We want this to be the best decision you have made in your athlete career. We want this course to deliver the goods. So we thank you for your patience, you won't be disappointed!

Where can I find FREE content to learn about sponsorships?

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How do I enrol on the course?

Simples! Just click one of the Enrol buttons on this page and it will take you to a payments page. One simple payment and your place is secured.

We will notify you when the course is live and you can login via the FreshLearn (our course hosting platform) App or via your browser to access it.

I have more questions, how do I contact you?

Simples, fire your questions in an email to

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