A Bridge Between Brands & Athletes

Most Athlete Sponsorships Fail To Deliver Tangible ROI

Athletes Without The Necessary Education Are A Gamble.

Let Us Help You, Help Them, Help You!

The Problem

Athlete sponsorships are gambles when they should be investments.

Valuable marketing budgets are wasted on those individuals who promise the world, but fail to deliver.

Through No Fault Of Their Own, Athletes Are Unprepared For the role and responsibilities expected From Brand Sponsor Partnerships.

Athletes focus on performance. They believe this is enough. But We Know They Need A business education In Order to deliver real value for a brand.

Our No-BS Promise

Athlete Business School can be the bridge between athletes and brands.

We Aim To provide Education & support to both. Everyone Wins!

saving you time, saving You money, and increasing your athlete sponsorship ROI.

What We Do


FREE Content On The Topic Of Sponsorships For Your Athletes To Consume & Learn.

Sponsored Athlete Mastermind Programme

Bring Your Athletes Together To Develop Community, Build Confidence, Increase Their Marketing Skills & Improve Their Effectiveness. Invest In Your Athletes And Watch Them Become Investments

Sponsored Athlete Induction Programme

Employees Revieve Workplace Induction Programmes, Why Not Your Sponsored Athletes? Let Us Help You, Help Them To Learn About Your Brand And Their Role


Our Blog

  • Demographics
    Our content is read by athletes, coaches, and parents that are actively engaged in action sports and sponsorships. Get more exposure for your brand in a place you can guarantee they will see it.
  • Trust
    Our brand is trusted. As an education platform, we are selective over the brands we want to partner with. Like you, we value our reputation and want to provide value to our passionate customers.
  • Traffic
    Our growing audience is hungry for high quality content. Dwell time on our posts is therefore higher than average. This means your advert will be seen more often and get noticed by those who need your product or service.


Need Some Support?

  • General Support
    Are you new to athlete sponsorships or just want to improve your systems? Marketing Directors deal with a lot, sometimes a little help can reduce your workload and improve your ROI. We can answer many of your questions and show you best practice in the industry.
  • Retainer
    We are at your beckon call, whenever you need us, we'll be there. A monthly retainer is how you get a direct line to Si Hunter Nicholson.


Develop Your Sponsored Athletes

  • Athlete Induction Programmes (AIP)
    Employees receive Workplace Induction Programmes, why should your sponsored athletes be treated any different? What if you could provide your athletes with an Athlete Induction Programme that taught them about your brand, helped them understand their role and responsibilities, improve their career longevity and your ROI? We can help deliver and host a full package. Contact us to find out more.
  • #AthleteBS Mastermind
    We offer our alumni students access to our Mastermind programme. Coaching sessions for athletes pushing the limits of their knowledge and actively investing in their knowledge and skills. Offer your roster of athletes access to the general Mastermind programme or one built specifically for your brand.
  • 1-2-1
    Do you have an athlete on their way to the top, but they need a little coaching? Si is a former Great Britain snowboard team coach, has a Masters Degree in Performance Coaching. He can help your athlete develop a professional programme that will increase their chances of maintaining performance and reduce their injuries.

Access 2 Athletes

Find Your Next Athlete Marketer

  • Certificate Of Confidence
    All of our students receive a certificate of confidence on completion of our courses. This demonstrates they take their role as an athlete marketer seriously and have invested in themselves. We can provide introductions with athletes who fit your marketing needs.
  • Action Sports Focused
    All of our students come from action sports. You can be sure we will have the right people to become strong brand ambassadors.

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