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Save Time | Avoid Guesswork | Reach Your Goals

At Athlete Business School we know that you want to achieve big goals like Olympic medals, in order to do that, you need sponsorships.

The problem is there's is too much #BS and #fakenews about what businesses want and why they sponsor athletes.

We believe life is too short. You shouldn't waste your time sending "sponsor me" emails (which rarely get a response). We understand your frustration! We don't just care about sponsorships, we care about you and your career.

Which is why it is our mission to teach athletes how to FIND, WIN, & KEEP sponsorships. So you don't have to rely on handouts from family, charities and national teams.

Explore our content and discover the tools, techniques, and strategies used by successful sponsored Pros. 

Save Time | Avoid Guesswork | Reach Your Goals

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Sponsorship System

Coming Soon...Learn How To FIND, WIN & KEEP The Sponsors You Need!

Save Time, Save Money, Build The Career You Deserve

#athletebs sponsorship system course
  • FIND 'EM

    We teach you how to research different businesses and select the one you need that can make a massive impact on your performance and career.

  • WIN 'EM

    You will learn how to build the ultimate pitch for each business you approach. Knowing what businesses want is the secret to getting what you need! Discover how in this course.

  • KEEP 'EM

    Success is just the start. Keeping sponsors requires a different mindset. We teach you what you need to do to maintain and also grow the support you receive.

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