Did you know most athletes quit sport because the financial pressures get too much?


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Studies tell us that "most athletes quit because they run out of money which seriously impacts their mental health😦


WHAT IF... you could approach any business?


WHAT IF... you knew what businesses wanted?


WHAT IF... you could access the knowledge Pros use?


You can bury your head and pretend the problem doesn't exist (it does)

You can borrow & beg (unsustainable)

You can hope to get selected for the national team (support is limited and never guaranteed)

You can quit and get a 'real' job (a job is secure but probably not your dream)

Or you can enrol on a Sponsorship Secrets course by AthleteBS

3 Course & 3 Levels

  • Designed for athletes

    We know first hand how hard it is to build careers in action sports. We understand what your performance and goals mean to you. Our courses have taken years to develop so you can save time and learn fast.

  • Designed for for action sports

    Actions sports is a magnet for those misfits and deviants who refuse to conform to the rules the world expects of us. We are surfers, we are skaters, we are snowboarders and skiers. We are AthleteBS

  • Trusted

    Years of research and testing with Pro athletes and brands!. Follow our methods and WIN the sponsorships you need, to support the career you deserve. 

Level 1 WARMIN' UP

(FREE sponsorship foundation course)


    For those who have never been sponsored, or secured a few but are now struggling to increase their support

  • FREE to enrol

    Lifetime access for FREE! Because we know how hard you work and this is our way of supporting the community!

  • 5 Modules

    Learn how to FIND, WIN, and KEEP sponsorships as an athlete through short and knowledge rich videos

  • 7-Step METHOD

    Expert sponsorship coach Si walks you through the seven step method that anyone can learn and use to get sponsored 

  • Access ANYTIME
    Complete flexibility. Learn on the app or laptop. Our course platform allows you to learn even if you are travelling

Coming Soon...

Level 2 HEATIN' UP

(Amateur to Pro course)

Level 3 BLOWIN' UP

(Individual sponsorship coaching & mentoring)

Your questions, our answers

What if I've never been sponsored?

Every pro started where you are now. Our FREE foundation course covers all your questions in detail and you'll learn everything you need to get started, fast!

How good do you need to be to get sponsored?

Whilst performance is an important component, it doesn't matter as much as you think. What matters more is your attitude, willingness to learn about sponsorships and providing value for the business in exchange for their support. All of this gets covered in the FREE sponsorship foundation course.

When is the best time to start?

If not now, when? There is no 'best time' only that you start. Like your sport, sponsorships are a skill which must be learned and practised. The sooner you start, the sooner you will get the sponsorship support you need to support your career.

Where can I access the course?

Just click the green button which will take you to our course platform. Create a profile and access the course immediately. If you download the 'Freshlearn' app for you phone you can access the videos anywhere and anytime!

How do I know this works?

This is no magic bullet but it will give you a deeper understanding about sponsorships and why most athletes struggle with them. We have tested the content and it works. But you need to do the work and follow the process. If it were easy, then this course wouldn't be required. Plus, the feedback we have received from businesses and athletes has been incredible. We are just trying to offer career education that is sorely absent from sport. Instead of spending years struggling with the stress of financial pressures elite athletes face, we teach you how the Pros succeed. 

Jamie Barrow

"I'm the Worlds Fastest Snowboarder (131.11mph). My sponsors are critical to my success. But I struggled for a long time because I didn't know what they wanted!"

Dan Egan

"In all my years of creating Warren Smith films, sponsorships have played a crucial role. Most athletes struggle because they are never taught"

Maj Jen Kehoe MBE

"My medal success was down to hard work and determination. But having my sponsors on board made the journey a little easier"

A message from AthleteBS Founder - Si Hunter Nicholson (Former GB SBX Athlete & Paralympic Snowboard Team Coach)

"I have personally experienced the financial pressure of elite sport. I new sponsorships were the key, but I had no idea how they worked. I thought that if I trained harder, they would recognise my value, but I was wrong.

As a coach, I witnessed my athletes struggle with the same financial pressure. I saw how the stress impacted their performance and results. I had to take action.

So I began my mission to discover how the Pros do it. During my journey I also discovered what businesses want and expect from today's athletes. Now I want to share this knowledge with you, because every athlete needs an expert coach in their corner!"

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Sponsorship System

Coming Soon...Learn How To FIND, WIN & KEEP The Sponsors You Need!

Save Time, Save Money, Build The Career You Deserve

#athletebs sponsorship system course
  • FIND 'EM

    We teach you how to research different businesses and select the one you need that can make a massive impact on your performance and career.

  • WIN 'EM

    You will learn how to build the ultimate pitch for each business you approach. Knowing what businesses want is the secret to getting what you need! Discover how in this course.

  • KEEP 'EM

    Success is just the start. Keeping sponsors requires a different mindset. We teach you what you need to do to maintain and also grow the support you receive.

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